Drive technology

UCAM focuses primarily on development and manufacturing of technology. We collaborate with a plethora of institutions across the world to develop innovative industrial technologies.
UCAM deploys technology as a key differentiator to optimise delivery mechanisms & product quality. We are a creative partner in the machine tool industry striving to solve problems while producing extensively, quickly & economically.

dual lead worm gear:

The worm shaft, made of case hardened steel, is a specially designed and profile-corrected gear arrangement for higher efficiency, higher load carrying capacity, and precise accuracy. Worm Wheel is made of special non-ferrous alloy with high wear resistance. Special profile on worm wheel ensures improved contact between worm wheel and worm shaft while guaranteeing improved accuracy, lesser wear & tear, and uniform load distribution. The special design is validated by a reputed German University. This drive technology is used in all standard 4th axis and 5th axis Rotary Tables.
dual lead worm gear

Backlash Adjustment with Dual lead worm:

Backlash is set easily by axial movement of the worm shaft without disturbing the crucial center distance and axial alignment of the worm and worm wheel.

Direct Drive:

Torque Motors from Nimble Electric (A business unit of UCAM Pvt. Ltd.) is used in Direct Drive RotaryTables. The torque motors are with high speed and high torque.These rotary tables have zero backlash, high rigidity, quick response, lesser wear & tear.
Direct Drive

Double Pinion backlash free Gear drive:

Large diameter, internal/external gear, is driven by two precision pinions either by a single motor or two motors which enables precise indexing of heavier loads. The double pinion gears have lesser wear & tear, hence poses negligible backlash problems. This drive technology is widely used for large size Rotary Tables, which requires higher peripheral velocities.

Bearing Technology


Axial Radial Roller Bearing:

  • Commonly used bearing technology for Rotary Table construction
  • Optimum axial and radial preload for higher rigidity
  • Compact in design with higher load carrying capacity
  • Higher tilting rigidity ensures higher tilting moment capacity
  • Used in all standard 4th & 5th axis Rotary Tables
Axial Radial Roller Bearing

Cross Roller Bearing:

Backlash is set easily by axial movement of the worm shaft without disturbing the crucial center distance and axial alignment of the worm and worm wheel.

Hydrostatic Bearing:

Presurrised fluid film avoids direct metal to metal contact while rotating ensuring negligible wear & tear, lesser friction and smooth rotation. These bearing technology is used in medium and large size Rotary Tables for heavy duty applications.
Hydrostatic Bearing



Specially processed high friction disc enables higher clamping torque. The new series Rotary Tables are with double acting double piston arrangement which generates higher clamping thrust ensuring positive and faster clamping / declamping of Rotary Tables.


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