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UCAM manufactures Rotary Indexing Tables for HMC and has better rigidity.
They are reliable for machining heavy work pieces and gives better surface finishes thus leading to increased productivity. HMC Rotary Tables are available in fixed type or moving type base i.e provision for mounting Ball Screw Nut and LM Guide Blocks. Option can be provided for mounting Datum Clamps for pallet changing machines.
The HMC Rotary Tables are available with 0.001 degree resolution or 1 degree using 2 piece Hirth Couplings

  1. Options available with clamp and without clamp
  2. Mounting type: Fixed and Moving
  3. Rotary Union mounting option available
  4. Minimum resolution: 0.001 ̊/ 1 ̊
  5. Option available – Direct Drive Rotary Table for HMC
CNC Rotary Table - Rotary Indexing Tables

HMC is used in vaious industries as per listed below for machining components. Customised solutions will be given as per the requirement



Medical & Orthopedic Implants

Agriculture & Heavy Vehicles


Power Generation

Oil & Gas


Other Products


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