Product Features

Single Axis Controller

New JAMUN series Single Axis Controller enables the user to rotate and control the rotary tables in a simple and effective way. The Graphical User Interface design and touch screen inputs enables operator for ease of programming and settings.

The rotary table can be operated in manual mode for wide range of movements or write a program and make rotary units run Automatically. The rotary table can be operated independently or Interfaced with your machinery as an additional axis.

The best option for your machine where an extra axis feature is not available.

  1. Capacitive type touch pad based Human Machine Interface
  2. Graphical User Interface(GUI) with wire/wireless option and Wi-Fi Communication
  3. Built on Single Board Computer (SBC) which runs on ARM Cortex-A53
  4. 17 bit absolute encoder for higher accuracies
UCAM jamun




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