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UCAMs Rotary production system is a total solution for the machine shop involved in high volume or Batch production.
3 sides or all 4 sides of the component can be machined in a single set up.
It is having an integrated system with Faceplate tailstock, base plate, fixture mounting brackets, and fixture plate.
Quick in change set-up, flexibility, higher clamping torque due to break on both Rotary table and Faceplate tailstock side are some of its advantages. HMC jobs can be done on VMC at competitive machine hour rate

  1. Modular Concept Design
  2. Drop-in Rotary Union for power clamp
  3. Clamps can be without plumbing
Rotary Production System

Rotary production system are used for machining components like pump barrel, roller taped body and other various component used in automobile industry and increases productivity. It is also used in other industries as per listed below



Medical & Orthopedic Implants

Agriculture & Heavy Vehicles


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