Value Added Accessories

UCAM provides a total solution for rotary table applications, these include work holding solutions like Manual Chucks, Power Chucks. Work supports like Tail Stocks, Steady rests etc. UCAM also provides a Machine Building solution for electrical interfacing by supplying suitable servo motor, drive and interface with machine controller.


Tailstocks are used in conjunction with a rotary table on...
  1. Manual Tailstock
  2. Hydraulic Tailstock
  3. Pneumatic Tailstock
  4. Face Plate Tailstock
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Chucks are work holding devices and are available in manual,...
  1. Manual Chuck
  2. Air Chuck
  3. Hydraulic Chuck
  4. Collet Chuck
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Rotary Cylinder

Rotary Cylinders are used to activate the hydraulic chuck jaws...
  1. Ideally suitable for UCAM Rotary Tables
  2. Different size available for various models for UCAM Rotary Tables
  3. Option available with / without feedback
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Hydropneumatic Booster

Hydropneumatic boosters are used for Rotary Table clamping in lieu...
  1. Input pressure 5 bar pneumatic
  2. Output pressure:30 bar hydraulic
  3. Flow:6.8/9/I2Ipm
  4. Continuous duty
  5. Solenoid valves & pressure switches depends on the application
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Hydraulic Powerpack

Hydraulic Powerpack provides hydraulic connection for rotary table clamping, fixture...
  1. Flow: 6.8/9/ I2I pm
  2. Pressure: 30Bar Max
  3. Solenoid Valves and pressure switches depends on your applications
  4. Continuous duty
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UCAM Advantages

Tooled Up Solutions

Offers complete tooled up solutions for work holding, pneumatics, hydraulic, and electric interfacing

Service Excellence

Delivers excellent round-the-clock service support

Customised Products

Manufactures & designs custom-built rotary tables for your diverse needs

Wide Range of Products

Manufactures Rotary Tables from miniature sizes (125 mm) to large sizes (3mts)

Other products


Tilting Head

Tilting head provides flexibility for tilting the spindle to a...

Table in Table

Rotary Table is integrated into the machine bed and it...

CNC Rotary Table - Rotary Indexing Tables


UCAM manufactures Rotary Indexing Tables for HMC and has better...

Deep Tilting Rotary Table

Deep Tilting Table

In a Deep Tilting Rotary Tables the Swing Diameter is...


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