Solutions for Machine Builders

For Machine Tool Builders UCAM has an array of products which can be directly integrated into the machine design. Solutions are available from standard product range. Also, UCAM is open for discussion of new projects which calls for Customised Rotary Tables, Tilting Heads or Pallet Changing Solutions.


Cantilever Tables are integrated into the machine design to form...
  1. Dual lead worm gear set
  2. Hydraulic clamping
  3. Tilting Range: ± 100°
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Continuous Milling Rotary Table

Continuous Milling Rotary Table are used in continuous milling machines...
  1. High Grade C I Construction
  2. Dual Lead Worm Gear set
  3. High Driving Torque
  4. Horizontal Mounting
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UCAM's HMC comes with better rigidity, which is reliable for...
  1. Options available with clamp and without clamp
  2. Mounting type: Fixed and Moving
  3. Rotary Union mounting option available
  4. Minimum resolution: 0.001 ̊/ 1 ̊
  5. Option available – Direct Drive Rotary Table for HMC
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Table in Table

Rotary Table is integrated into the machine bed and it...
  1. Rotary Table built into machine bed
  2. Options: Fixed / Moving Bed Type
  3. Machine Bed Size: Customised
  4. Other Rotary Table size available on request
  5. Option available with Direct Drive Rotary Table
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Tilting Head

Tilting head provides flexibility for tilting the spindle to a...
  1. Integrated cable management system - Cables routing provision through the centre bore of Tilting Head
  2. Option available with built in rotary union
  3. Torque motor driven Tilting Head also available on request
  4. Cartridge Spindle will be your preferred supplier or can be supplied by us
  5. Spindle housing as an option
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UCAM Advantages

Tooled Up Solutions

Offers complete tooled up solutions for work holding, pneumatics, hydraulic, and electric interfacing

Service Excellence

Delivers excellent round-the-clock service support

Customised Products

Manufactures & designs custom-built rotary tables for your diverse needs

Wide Range of Products

Manufactures Rotary Tables from miniature sizes (125 mm) to large sizes (3mts)

Other products

Large Bore Rotary Table


These Rotary Tables are with large centre thru bore and...

Multispindle Rotary Table


Multi spindle Rotary tables have more than one spindle driven...


Hydraulic Powerpack

Hydraulic Powerpack provides hydraulic connection for rotary table clamping, fixture...

Rotary Cylinder

Rotary Cylinders are used to activate the hydraulic chuck jaws...


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